Why Horses?

Practical knowledge and good judgement about ordinary life.

Horses have an innate ability to sense subtle changes in their environment and they depend upon this for their survival. Their heightened awareness enables horses to read and respond to people in a non-judgemental, honest manner and adapt quickly to changes in their behaviour.

As herd animals, horses demonstrate the importance of clear boundaries and consensual leadership, for these qualities are crucial to the survival and wellbeing of each member of the herd. Working with powerful animals that weigh over half a ton can help individuals to attain a sense of achievement and build self-confidence, while learning to be respectful, heighten spatial and body awareness and control their energy levels.

through a series of therapeutic horse sessions, individuals can gain:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • A deeper understanding of the power of non-verbal communication
  • Assertiveness – recognising, respecting and setting boundaries for happier, healthier relationships
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving techniques
  • More fluid, collaborative leadership and improved teamwork
  • Greater self-confidence and emotional resilience

One-to-one sessions take place outdoors in most weather conditions, are tailored according to the needs of the individual and usually last for 90 minutes.

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Further Information

There are a number of terms used to refer to therapeutic work with horses.

How it works

The number of sessions is entirely your choice, however, we recommend eight sessions.

Want to Know More?

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