Summer greetings everyone! It’s been a rather wet one, but we have certainly made the most of the sunny days in between and have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some inspiring and remarkable individuals.

The seasons certainly do feel a bit mixed up and we can sense that autumn chill already in the mornings! The field mushrooms have sprouted, blackberries are beginning to appear and the fruit on the apple and pear trees in our paddock is rapidly ripening.

As we head into the harvest season, this is a time when we are reminded about endings and beginnings. The Celtic festival of Lammas and the harvest full moon tomorrow herald the peak of high summer. We are invited to gather together to give thanks and feast in celebration of the fruit and grains which will sustain us throughout the winter and which also bear the seeds of our next spring.

The sun’s energy is beginning to wane and we will soon turn inwards once again to assimilate what we have manifest and to nurture whatever we would like to grow.

We hope you are making time during the summer holidays to rest and restore yourselves – even if it is simply reading a book, discovering a new walk or having a picnic with friends and family. The warm temperatures mean that rain doesn’t have to stop play, so get creative with how you spend your valuable leisure time.


If you are feeling stressed or struggling and would like some support, we will be accepting bookings for wellbeing and personal development sessions during August, so do get in touch ( These can be once-off sessions or more intensive half-day workshops for individuals or small groups (maximum of four people).

We will also  be participating in the Monmouth Town Council’s Wellbeing event at the Shire Hall on Saturday 9 September. This is a free event where you can get information and advice on a range of services to boost your mental and physical health.

We hope to see you soon and send our warmest wishes for a wonderful August.

Julie, Macaroon and Biscotti